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Skillful post-merger integration creates optimal synergies.

Integrating the IT of an acquired business is a challenge that many businesses aren’t prepared for. Our strategic consulting ensures that the maximum expected synergies of the merger will be exploited and the risk of expensive surprises will be reduced. Through our foresight and experience in all business areas, we identify risks early on and solve problems before they can materialize.

For a successful merger it is crucial to consider all aspects beyond just the technological framework.

From our perspective, your future business strategy and desired corporate culture form the basis for the right IT solution. We provide smooth data migration and perfect timing in the transition period so your people can focus on growing your business.

Our international locations guarantee you can count on us. Our local experts are well versed with various standards, processes, roadmaps and business cultures in different industries and countries. With our know-how and experience in the consolidation of corporate-wide data centers, you get the best possible protection from expensive mistakes often associated with other impersonal international companies.

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“Especially with integrations, the potential for major surprise is high. We help you in reducing the risks to a minimum.”