Make IT cloud-ready

Neutral advice for the best possible cloud-solution.

Cloud based solutions offer many advantages for your company. In order to benefit from greater flexibility, lower investment in your IT, and more predictable operation costs, the cloud solution must still be carefully matched to your business. As we are not a cloud-service provider, we provide neutral advice for you that’s clear, simple and honest.

To begin with, our specialists work with you to analyze whether your processes, interfaces and employees are cloud-ready. A report is generated to provide relevant factors as a transparent basis for you to make an informed decision.

We cover the opportunities and options then advise you specifically on measures and improvements for your future IT strategy.

For maximum security and smooth data migration, our experts are at your side the entire time with all their experience. As part of this ongoing support they’ll recognize and identify necessary expansions and optimization potentials for your business early on. With redtoo, you will get the best and most effective cloud solution for your companies needs.

Your personal consultant

Roland Wittinger
Head of Consulting

Tel.: +41 61 716 70 70

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“We don’t offer customers our own cloud services. Therefore we keep our neutrality and remain in the best position to provide the best cloud service provider to our customers. And we rely only on proven keyplayers.“