Virtualization in the regulated environment

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The responsive DC

Dynamic, efficient and available – these are the key characteristics companies, customers and business units expect from their IT organizations or IT service providers.

But what happens when compliance and regulations become part of the strategy? Does it mean that the efficiency of elements like component provisioning decreases, and the IT organization loses its dynamics caused by the documentation required?

Read the article accessible by clicking on the link below for getting a clear picture of how your organization could address compliance without losing flexibility or agility.

The regulated industry is always required to deal with an extra portion of requirements, in order to making their components, environment and processes compliant to applicable regulations. We tried to outline how you can achieve and maintain your compliant status even when moving into the virtual world of Information Technology. “IT meets compliance” does not necessarily mean that it must become more complicated and excessively expensive.

Sure, there are some risks to consider, some changes to be made, but overall with a good planning and the involvement of the right experienced people the actual effort moving into the virtual environment and maintaining it in a compliant manner, is less than you would expect.

All the advantages like agility, high scalability and availability and fast provisioning of new resources make the decision moving into the virtual environment easy for every IT organization. Not to mention the reasonable risk and low costs under which it can be operated.

Do not destroy the benefits and advantages that a virtual environment brings into your organisation with heavy and out-dated processes following old best practices. The IT world, its technology, processes and demands has changed and so the best practices in achieving compliance.

The business units within your company or the customers towards you are providing your services looking for a fast response to their requirements and needs. Our article provides you with a possible approach how you can comply with these expectations.

The article “Virtualization in the regulated environment” is the first of our series addressing the cloud topic and will be followed by topics such as “Cloud Computing” and “Auditing Cloud Computing”. You can download it here.