The new guy: Shane Crawford-Lann (Team leader, GCC Service Management Team)

The redtoo family is constantly growing. Almost every month there are new employees starting at one of our international offices taking over multifacetted tasks. To help you get to know “the new guys” and learn about what they are doing at redtoo we have set up this blog section. Each month one new redtoo employee answers a few questions about his or her job, tasks and start at redtoo. This month it’s Shane‘s turn, our new team leader for the GCC Service Management team.

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Hello Shane, could you tell us something about yourself?

Hello, I am originally from the UK, although I haven’t lived there for over 15 years. I came to Prague 9 years ago for a 6 month contract and kind of stayed – and no, I am nowhere near mastering the Czech language but I do have a go now and then!

My background is in telecoms (Packet Switching, LAN, Fiber Optics, Network Management) and General IT – I came to Prague as a UNIX administrator and subsequently worked on all manner of systems of varying sizes, complexity and operating systems. I was always a techie until about 3 years ago when I started to run technical teams. Before coming to Prague, I worked on projects all over the world, including South America, India, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and of course Europe.


You are the new team leader for the GCC Service Management team, what exactly do you do?

Well, I’ve only been here a few days, so I am still finding out! I will be part of the GCC team working mainly on Vblock (Virtualisation) which I’m just starting to get to grips with. In addition, I will put on my team leader hat and support my colleagues by providing them with guidance and advice, taking care of any escalations and acting as the single point of contact to the customer’s managers regarding GCC activities.


Why did you decide to come to redtoo?

There were a number of reasons. I was with DHL in Prague on and off for around 9 years and I really felt it was time for a change before I became `institutionalized`! I was also keen to go back to working in a smaller company where I have a chance to make some sort of difference – in very large organizations it’s easy to feel like no more than an employee number. I was introduced to redtoo by a friend with whom I worked with in DHL, and from our conversations, I liked the sound of the company.


What is your impression of redtoo after your first week?

Very positive overall. I’m working with a great team, the working environment is really nice and I think I have enough challenges ahead to keep me interested and busy!! In addition, it seems that redtoo really does believe in a thing called work life balance. So it’s all good!


And what do you do when not working?

Outside of work, I am engaged to Alexandra and we have a lovely 15 month old daughter, Ella, who has taught me that children are more challenging than any IT system J  We are in the process of building a house which will hopefully be habitable this year. I have two motorbikes – a BMW R1150GS and a Ducati 998s F.E. – which I ride when Ella lets me, and I also enjoy movies, fishing, music, reading, cooking and “pottering about in the garage” – which is a general term for fixing this and that.


Tell us something not many people know about you?

Well… many, many years ago, when I left school, I spent 2 years at college training as a furniture maker – specifically an upholsterer – and worked as such for a year or so after getting my qualifications. I completed a number of quite grand antique restorations but it was terribly badly paid so I didn’t do it for long – and after that I fell into IT work…. But that’s another story for another time!


Thank you very much for your time and welcome to the redtoo family!


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