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Now and then it happens that a client is looking for sophisticated services beyond our traditional IT business. Seraphina Opel, well known to all redtoos as a talented social media and marketing expert has recently changed to the Client`s side and is now supporting a client`s communication team. In this month`s spotlight Seraphina is talking about the challenges and possibilities that came up to this particular situation:

In September 2013 I left Reinach and my position as Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for redtoo behind to start my first assignment for our main customer – as Communications Specialist for the Change Control Excellence Project.

Change Control Excellence brings a Pharma-wide, cross-functional, collaborative and governed change control process backed up with a Product Lifecycle Management system (Agile PLM). But Agile PLM is more than just an IT solution – it’s a new way of working. On the one hand, it promises the accentuation of process efficiency through the implementation of a closed loop, end-to-end process. On the other hand, it contributes to making our customer the best possible work place for its employees through strengthened cross-functional collaboration.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get since this change of perspective, is whether it was a big cultural shock moving from my small island of creative freedom to the rigid boundaries of the Enterprise world.

I wouldn’t call it a shock, but it surely is different. Following a Corporate Identity, color schemes or image directories is common sense – but who knew you would need 5 different signatures AND QA approval for sending out ONE single newsmailing…

On the other hand possibilities and dimensions have slightly increased ;) Sending out newsletters to roughly 2’000 stakeholders; hosting weekly online sessions with an average of 40 participants; organizing a townhall for 600+ invitees… you see, it’s a whole new game!

The biggest challenge? Tons of in-depth technical information to digest and a completely unknown pharma-related jargon. In order to get the necessary input for those blog posts, project newsletters and leadership announcements, I had to attend a variety of meetings from the very first day. Imagine how puzzled I was with people throwing acronyms like OQ, PQ, IQ, RegCMC, ACC, MDG and many more at me – which sounded at that time more like the lyrics of the Fanta4* song “MfG” than anything else… (*Fanta4 is a very popular German HipHop Band)

Now, over 6 months later, I have familiarized with most of the terms and am looking forward to my next assignment and many new abbreviations :)



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