redtoo Support Services at Eson Pac

Eson Pac AG Switzerland is one of the newest customers of our support service team. Learn in an interview with Daniel Mangani, Finance Director and Head of Group Accounting, why he chose redtoo to take care of his IT.

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redtoo: Almost one year ago you decided to not having your own staff taking care anymore of your internal IT system. What was the idea behind this decision?

Daniel Mangani: Eson Pac has 450 employees at six manufacturing locations all over Europe. Our central IT-department in the headquarter at Veddige, Sweden, defines the systems and applications as well as the standards and processes for the whole group, cares about the network and offers a partial support for our local IT. This is covering a large portion of our IT-requirements.

However, for numerous IT tasks, projects and also in case of malfunctions we depend on a local and professional support with a short response time. Our demand for IT-Services is subject to fluctuations and covers a wide range of technologies and applications. For the Eson Pac AG it has become more and more difficult to master these tasks by our own professionals and keeping our costs under control at the same time.

redtoo: Why did you decide in favor of redtoo as your service provider?

Daniel Magani: The market success of a product often comes and goes with the design of its packaging. Here Eson Pac AG takes over a high responsibility and our customers are quite rightly demanding the highest standards from us. For a sustainable, high quality performance we need a reliable, sophisticated and highly available IT. With redtoo, we found a partner who is local and has the matching know-how for any technology we use. Another important element in our decision was the long-standing support experience redtoo gained in many companies of different sizes and industries.

The experiences we made during the first months of collaboration are confirming that we make the right  decision. So far, we are entirely satisfied with the efforts of all of redtoo specialists. Their expert knowledge, commitment and flexibility are highly valuable for the onsite trouble-shooting in collaboration with our central IT department in Sweden. This allows us to resolve any arising problem much faster.

redtoo: Currently your systems are migrated to Citrix virtualization technology. How is redtoo assisting you in that process?

Daniel Magani: Yes, that’s correct. Eson Pac is implementing Citrix virtualization technology all over Europe. The concept and standards have been developed by our central IT department. We highly appreciate that redtoo`s professionals are very familiar with Citrix technologies and are able to take over the local roll-out of approximately 60 clients. redtoo also manages all coordination with our Swedish colleagues. Those kind of projects are not daily business to us. Without the assistance of the redtoo team it would be very difficult for us to accomplish the targets of this project. The roll-out is well in schedule and we have a good feeling that the redtoo specialists are mastering this challenge.