New storage project launched at Viollier AG

After a comprehensive and carefully conducted planning phase followed by a succesful PoC, Viollier has given green light to their new storage solution. In an interview Olivier Kobel, Head of ICT and member of the Board, provides us with insights into the importance of this project for his company.


redtoo: How important is storage for your company?

Olivier Kobel: It’s of fundamental importance for our company. Our medical laboratories receive thousands of samples every day. The processing and analysis of those create incredibly large data volumes of paramount sensitivity. Hence our requirements regarding storage and security are extremely high. Furthermore our laboratories are distributed over more than 20 locations throughout Switzerland. They demand access to data on our central storage 24-7 including weekends and bank holidays.

redtoo: Within the next two years you are planning to renew the company’s entire storage. Why?

Oliver Kobel: The data volume as well as the overall company size has been growing constantly over the last few years. Today we are the leading medical laboratory in Switzerland for clinical laboratory diagnostics, pathology, cardiology, assisted reproductive technologies and medical products – with over 600 employees. The boundaries of our existing storage solution are foreseeable, just as the support expiration by the producers.

For our business utmost precision and velocity are essential – sometimes essential for survival. Countless doctors and their patients trust the results of our analyses. At Viollier we are aware of the responsibility and therefore don’t accept any compromises or interim solutions. Consequently we have purposely launched this project far in advance and have divided it into four realization phases. the step-by-step supersession guarantees interruptions-free availability of our storage.

redtoo: Why did you elect redtoo as a partner for this project?

Olivier Kobel: To ensure utmost compatibility and clear responsibilities, we pursue a one-vendor-strategy. As in the case of server, networks and clients, we trust in HP technology for our new storage solution. Throughout the lengthy evaluation phase the redtoo team provided outstanding performance and showed a very high level of motivation as well as deep knowhow.

The successful PoC provided us with the final proof that redtoo is the right partner for us. We are very positive about being able to complete the project successfully and are looking forward to our new storage solution, which is crucial for the further development of our company.

redtoo: Thank you for a very interesting and insightful conversation.
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