Missing Updates/Patches in the Updates and Servicing Node in Configuration Manager Current Branch

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced Configuration Manager Build 1606. In agreement with the customer, I planned an upgrade of their SCCM infrastructure. The plan was to update the development environment first, and if no issues occur, the productive environment afterwards.

After arriving at the customer site, we wanted to start the update in development environment and so, we searched for the 1606 update in the SCCM console, but interestingly, no updates were available. Also, the already installed 1602 was missing from the console too.


So, we checked the productive environment and there everything looked fine.


As a next step, we checked the permissions of the user/group in the productive environment.permision all

We compared this to the permissions of user/group in the development environment.

permision default

As the picture above shows, the scope is different. The user/group with scope “All” sees the available and installed updates whereas the user/group with scope “Default” does not.

The solution is to either login with a user with the “right scope” or change the scope of the existing user. Afterwards, all the updates will appear and you are ready to go for 1606.

written by Jakob Filipovsky

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