Filter settings may prevent the removal of Active Directory containers in Configuration Manager 2012 R2

Recently one of my customers requested me to help him cleaning up his Active Directory containers to get more transparency. Some of them were not existing anymore and more confusing than helpful. What an easy job and done in a couple of minutes – that was my first thought. So I started the Active Directory System Discover tool


and because the customer was really having a long list of entries. I used the filter function to find the Distinguished Names of the containers to be deleted. A mouse click on the containers name followed by a click on the button delete is the normal way to handle this issue. But instead of the expected delete confirmation, I received an error that I had never seen before:


OK, still no reason to worry, a quick look into the log files will bring the solution – I was persuaded! Unfortunately negative, I could not find any unusual entries there. Also my research on the internet did not provide what I expected. That was the moment I noticed a first drop of sweat on my forehead … :-) Nevertheless, I started playing around and suddenly I noticed that the value from “value of” in the error window changed to the value of items I had filtered. This brought me to the idea to focus on the filter, to delete the entry in the filter’s field and to select the right container manually. And it worked – the container could be removed! Apparently there is a bug in the ConfigMgr Console as I could reproduce the same error in our lab environment with ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 for System and User Discovery.

I hope this will help anyone who is struggling with the same error.

Jakob Filipovsky.Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Informatikkaufmann in Bad Säckingen (Deutschland) und mehrjähriger Erfahrung als Systemadministrator fand Jakob 2011 den Weg zur redtoo Familie. Dort teilt er als Workplace Architect seine Leidenschaft zur IT gerne mit Kollegen und gibt sie mit grosser Begeisterung an die Kunden weiter. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen ConfigMgr 2012, OSD, MDT und Workplace Konzepten und Strategien.