“fahr(T)raum”: A cross-country redtoo project

“fahr(T)raum” is a tribute to Ferdinand Porsche, his team and his influence on the development of mobility. The descendants of this legendary automotive pioneer have created an experience center with many unique exhibits from the lifework of Ferdinand Porsche in an old shoe factory in the idyllic town Mattsee near Salzburg.


Many motor fans will know that Ferdinand Porsche built the first “Käfer” (Beatle) as early as 1938. Until 2003 more than 21 million units were produced at the Volkswagen factory, solemnly built for this purpose. Most other milestones – existing in large numbers – are only known to a small number of enthusiasts. Or did you know that the first e-car with wheel hub motor (the “Lohner Porsche Mixte”) was developed by this brilliant constructor as early as 1901. Or how about that: in 1910 the “Austro Daimler – Prinz Henrich” designed by Porsche declassed all European competitors in the formerly legendary 1’944km long race across Germany. Not only did he win all 3 stages, he was also awarded with 8 of the 16 special awards and is today regarded as the first race car in automotive history.

A long-felt dream of the Porsche descendants has just recently been realized. On June 15th 2013 the experience center “fahr(T)raum” opened its doors in Mattsee near Salzburg. The various exhibits dating back to Ferdinand Porsche are presented to the populace using modern technologies such as interactive displays.

Peter Gastberger (redtoo Switzerland) facilitated this mandate with his consulting and coordinating services as well as through his personal contact to the family Porsche / Piëch in Austria.

Here’s a short review by Markus Honeck (redtoo Austria), head of the project, who delivered exceptional performance together with Mathieu Sanner (redtoo Switzerland) and Mirel Imsirovic (redtoo Austria):

When we first started with the installation of the IT network, the whole area of the former shoe factory was a huge construction site. Dozens of craftsmen were busy finishing their work in time for the opening date. It was hard to imagine the finalized center at that point.

Our task was complex since there was no existing IT infrastructure to build upon and we only had two months’ time until the first visitors were supposed to walk through the center. In addition to common applications and technologies, many other components needed to be integrated, e.g. cash systems for ticket sales, the cafeteria or the souvenir shop as well as many interactive displays in exhibition rooms. Furthermore the building control (such as air condition, fire protection systems and electrics) had to be considered.

Working on a construction site requires the quick and easy implementation of all decisions made by the customer – while a completely different jargon is used.

The main challenges of this project were the coordination between the various suppliers and providers as well as the consideration of different delivery times.

The project was completely managed by redtoo, from the first provider sockets to the necessary structure cabling as well as the network typology, and we were able to finish in time. The project demanded enormous amounts of sweat and creative energy from all team members in order to overcome all hurdles. But it was also a lot of fun to manage this unique project.

Right in time for the opening all relevant systems were up and running, and the first visitors could enjoy the exhibits in their technical entirety. Of course we are a little proud of this achievement, especially since we were able to complete the project with a combined multinational redtoo team and to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

We are looking forward to our long-term engagement with “fahr(T)raum” and the opportunity to further manage and develop their IT infrastructure.

Visit www.fahrtraum.at or www.facebook.com/FAHRTRAUM for more information about the experience center.

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