Do you know the App-V Swiss Group?

WP_20160914_15_32_57_Rich The 4th and final App-V Swiss Group (AVSG) of 2016 was hosted on November 23rd. The AVSG event is hosted quarterly, twice at Microsoft in Wallisellen and twice in Kloster Dornach. It is a unique event in Switzerland covering many interesting topics around App-V. There have been lots of guest appearances between participants, Microsoft employees and partners. WP_20160914_15_32_45_Rich The purpose of AVSG extends beyond presentations to provide a platform where one can exchange ideas as a participant. The group discussions are a great way of learning from your peers and also make for a big time saver by not having to tackle every issues by yourself. In recent sessions the platform developed to include subjects from the Workplace area. After the main topics have been covered there is an opportunity to discuss subjects such as Windows 10, SCCM, EMS, UEV and many more. The 4th AVSG took place in the Kloster Dornach and had a lot of exciting items on the agenda: agenda2 After every AVSG there is an opportunity for the participants to ask questions and do some networking while enjoying a cold beverage. We hope to welcome even larger numbers next year, and for those who haven’t provided any feedback please know that we consider every suggestion whether it be for new subjects or improvement on existing ones. The App-V Swiss Group team wishes you happy holidays and a new year filled with prosperity and success, where we hope to welcome you once again on some brand new AVSG sessions!

written by Jakob Filipovsky

In 2011 Jakob Filipovsky found his way to the redtoo family where he gained large experience in many fields and found his destiny as a…

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