Customer interview with Valentin Stocker (Blaser Group)

Blaser Group goes Cloud

A team of redtoo experts has implemented a cloud-based Office solution for the the Blaser Group, guaranteeing secure access from different mobile devices. In an interview Valentin Stocker, CFO Blaser Group, provides us with insights into the importance of this project for his company.

Valentin Stocker. Blaser Group, redtoo, Office 365

redtoo: What were the main reasons for your migration to the cloud?

Valentin Stocker: For us it was obvious that our existing infrastructure and application landscape wouldn’t be able to grow with our requirements, since first scaling and efficiency boundaries were already visible.

Throughout the Blaser group different office versions were in use and a new solution for our exchange server was pending. Consequently our administrative expenses were continuously increasing over the past years. Additionally we wanted to enjoy the benefits of secure access to our Outlook and Webmail from a wide variety of different devices and locations.


redtoo: This project could have been realized within a very short timeframe. However, you preferred to enhance the migration time to 6 weeks; why?

Valentin Stocker: For the construction (and construction related) industry time is an important success factor. Our customers are constantly suffering from high deadline pressure. This imposes high requirements on our warehousing, logistics and order processing. Our over 40’000 in-stock items need to be accessible and ready for dispatching at any time. System or communication breakdowns – however short it may be – will lead to delayed delivery and hence cause grave difficulties for our customers and consequently for us as well.

Therefore we have decided to roll out the project in different stages, each with interim tests, following redtoo’s advice.

A wise decision that we don’t regret: All our systems remained available during the six weeks migration period and all our orders could be processed in-time.


redtoo: Why did you elect redtoo as your service provider for this project?

Valentin Stocker: redtoo offered extensive consultation and was able to understand all our requirements. We were particularly convinced by the clear concept and the tried and tested methods.

Aspects, such as cost efficiency, security and interruption-free operations were fully considered throughout the whole project. Up to date our new solution has been in use for 4 months and we are entirely satisfied with it.

We are convinced that we have set an important basis for our future development and the expansion of our leading market position in North Western Switzerland.


Thank you for the interesting interview!
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