Customer Interview with Stephan Kestenholz (Kestenholz-Gruppe)

Application Virtualization and Storage Integration at the number one address for fine Mercedes cars and trucks in North-Western Switzerland

In 2-3 weeks a redtoo team consisting of Daniel Wiederkehr, Olivier Girard, Patrick Sczepanski and Kevin Papasoglou under the lead of Thomas Rothen will finalize the current application virtualization and storage integration project at the Kestenholz-Gruppe. Discover the importance of this project to the customer and why he chose redtoo as partner in an interview with Stephan Kestenholz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kestenholz Group of Companies.

Stephan Kestenholz, Mercedes Kestenholz, Kundenreferenz

redtoo: How important is IT for your company?

Kestenholz: The Kestenholz group is formed by 9 subsidiaries, offering a wide range of services related to private and utility vehicles in the Basle area. Distributed over 6 locations more than 300 employees are fulfilling the high expectations, which Mercedes owners quite rightly demand. We do our utmost to stay the Number 1 Address for perfect and comprehensive services throughout North-Western Switzerland. This also includes that our employees can rely on trustworthy and best-of-breed IT solutions.

redtoo: Can you tell us something about your reasons to launch this project?

Kestenholz: More than 60 years ago we started in Niederdorf with a small repair service and a gas station. Today we run a multifaceted consortium, whose IT infrastructure has seen similar growth. Due to various customer segments and very diverse services, the individual companies of the consortium have developed different IT infrastructures over the years. In line with that the complexity as well as the maintenance effort required from our internal IT department has gravely increased.

The current server virtualization project is aimed to counter this tendency. Concurrently we want to set up the basis for a sustainable integration, availability and management of our data store.

redtoo: Why did you elect redtoo as your partner for the project.

Kestenholz: In the end we were convinced by redtoo’s comprehensive concept covering all our needs. Every single part of the solution, e.g. Hyper-V or NetApp, is cost-efficient – even for mid-sized businesses – and at the same time based on modern, standardized technology. The latter being even more important since we want to continue managing the infrastructure internally.

With redtoo we have consciously selected a partner which can draw on many years’ experience from countless projects with these technologies.

The current status of the project confirms our decision. We are confident that we will be able to complete the server virtualization and storage integration in time and within the given framework.

redtoo: Which advantages can you draw from the new server virtualization and storage integration in terms of your relocation to Pratteln?

Kestenholz: Our newly built site at the Magnet Area in Pratteln will be ready to move in this summer. We are looking forward to this. It is of major importance to us that we will be able to serve our customers with the usual high-class quality from day one. With the new solution we are perfectly prepared for the relocation of our IT department to Pratteln. Additionally, we are minimizing the risk of breakdowns and interruptions during the restart. We are optimistic that our IT will master this challenge and that we can rely on redtoo for support in case we need it.

redtoo: Thank you very much for your time and the interesting insights. We wish you all the best for the future and a scheduled start in Pratteln.

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