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The shortest path to cost cutting.

We’re well aware that your company’s dependence on IT requirements is constantly changing. Our consulting will give you the flexibility and confidence that your business and IT processes will run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while meeting your industry’s current compliance requirements.

We insure this by using proven methods that monitor your IT organization and reveal cost reduction options. After a quick-check, an assessment or a comprehensive analysis we’ll relay a clear and concise report for identifing all your structures strengths and weaknesses.

As a result, you’ll be on the safe side when considering improvements in your current structures or when requiring a second opinion on upcoming investments. Our recommendations on improvements for processes and services are designed to allow for cost effective short-term success. Already implemented quick-wins speak for themselves:

  • Savings in procurement expenses: 15 %
  • Savings in system operation costs: 20 %
  • Reduction in costs for applications: 35 %
  • Increases in budgets for projects and innovation through redistribution
  • Increasing the sensitivity and understand of IT staff for the requirements of the business units
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„Through regular reviews of the structures cost savings can be skimmed off at an early stage.“